Did you have a successful 2017? 5 reasons why leaders need to celebrate small achievements.

'Hold on’, you may say – ‘it’s only February – of course I haven’t accomplished my goals for 2017’. And yet there has been a flurry of activity over the past weeks, contributing to the bigger goals you have set for the year. On closer inspection there will be many successes that are worth mentioning. Some of these will be special accomplishments, such as the launch of a new website, signing a major client or exceeding the monthly sales target. Other achievements will be much smaller, everyday events. Some of my small successes over the past week include:

  • successfully managed a difficult conversation I had put off for a while
  • presented lively talk to an interesting audience
  • found the time to read an inspirational book
  • stuck to healthier eating plan

But why should you celebrate such apparently normal, everyday achievements? We often prefer to be modest and feel that our successes are insignificant. We also tend to be overly critical of our achievements, only seeing the areas of improvement. We don’t wish to appear arrogant. Yet there are compelling reasons why you should start to embrace and celebrate successes.

1. It changes the way you are viewed by others

We like to be around successful, positive people. Celebrating your successes will change the way others perceive you. People will see you as more competent and capable. They will want to be around you and work with you. Your team members will be proud to be part of your team.

2. It raises your profile

Since you present yourself as someone who is competent and get things done well, you will be on other people’s radar the next time someone is needed for a big project. Potential clients will be more aware of you and are more likely to contact you if they need services you provide.

3. It makes you feel successful

Business success doesn’t happen overnight. We may feel like failure if we look at other successful businesses or teams. Celebrating the small achievements will make you and your team aware that you are on the road of success and will create a positive mindset. If you concentrate on the mistakes and flaws, it will make you less attractive, and worse, it will demotivate and disengage your team.

4. You will be perceived as a leader

If you show your achievements and demonstrate what you are capable of, people are more likely to listen to your opinion. Your views will be perceived as more important. This will make it easier for you to influence others and it will help you to firmly establish yourself as a leader.

5. Small successes add up to big achievements

Every big success is made up of a number of small actions. Every little milestone you achieve brings you one step closer to accomplishing your overall goal. Celebrating these milestones will make the goal look so much more achievable.  It provides you and your team with additional motivation.

Give it a try

I invite you to take a blank piece of paper and list ten small (and big) achievements over the past few weeks. You will probably notice that this little exercise will not only make you more aware of your successes but also motivate you to continue pursuing your goals. Now repeat this exercise with your team.


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