How to beat procrastination in one minute

How to beat procrastination when a deadline approaches

Do you want to make changes in your life but keep putting it off? Did you have an important email to write but instead found yourself looking at your news feed yet again? Is your carpet collecting dust whilst your smartphone is not? Believe it or not, I am procrastinating right now. Instead of writing a blog I should be following up on a couple of important business leads before they turn cold. But I much prefer writing to calling strangers. And there’s always tomorrow, isn’t there?

For many of us, procrastination keeps us from completing urgent tasks, from making important changes to our lives, from becoming more productive. Yet people who manage to overcome procrastination have been shown to have lower levels of stress and higher well-being.

Have you ever wondered how to beat procrastination? Today I will concentrate on the idea of the one minute improvement. It derives from the Japanese concept of Kaizen, which simply means “change for better”. In manufacturing terms it is the practice of continuous improvements, of making deliberate, constant changes for the better.

How can you use Kaizen in everyday life?

To achieve long term change it is better to make small changes every day, so they become routine. Psychologically it is much more difficult to put off short bursts of activities. Short activities rarely meet resistance, whereas larger, more time consuming actions are more daunting and lead to procrastination. Let’s look at some practical examples:

Become fit:

It’s not very effective planning on going to the gym three times a week for a rigorous workout when in reality you only end up going once a fortnight, if that. It’s much more effective to take the stairs instead of the lift every day or getting off the bus one stop early. These are small but effective bouts of physical activity, because they add up when they become part of a routine. It is also quite tricky to procrastinate on taking the stairs.

Improve your social media presence:

If you are anything like me you hardly used social media before starting your business. Then you realise the importance of a good online presence and content marketing. You speak to the experts and are overwhelmed by the need to write regular blogs, let alone posting constantly on Twitter, Facebook and any other platform out there. So if you are anything like me you keep putting it off. It’s a big task and it’s daunting. Now consider sending one tweet a day. It could just be retweeting. Maybe build it into your routine to tweet during the evening TV commercial. That’s much better than nothing. Plus you are likely to come across awesome content on Twitter that you could quickly share on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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