Why you should go to the next Stonehenge solstice and write that book.

StonehengeI’m making the assumption that we’ve all got things we always wanted to do and somehow never quite got around to. I’m no exception there.

A while back I was driving past Stonehenge with my coaching supervisor. Those who know me will be aware that my specialism is in beating procrastination and enabling others to meet the challenge of change. So when I said “ I’ve always wanted to go to the Stonehenge summer solstice.” I was immediately found out. “What do you mean you’ve always wanted to… get out there and do it” was the quick response.

I immediately thought of a number of excuses ranging from practicalities such as the next day’s school run to downplaying the importance of the goal.

Of course it was true; going to Stonehenge wouldn’t get me any closer to any of my personal or professional goals. Yet I became more and more aware I would regret it if I never went. I have always been curious about it and wanted to experience the special atmosphere of the event. The practicalities were easy enough as well, after all, summer solstice falls on a weekend every few years and I live about an hour’s drive away. So, in 2020 I am going to the Stonehenge Summer solstice.

Because I think that is what it’s all about. It’s important to pursue our goals in life and business and focus on what we want to achieve. But equally, we shouldn’t lose sight of those things that we would regret not having done. Surveys of professionals about their top regrets in life identify a regret of not having pursued their passions as well as working too hard and missing out on life. There is no better time then now to address those future regrets.

What is it you have always wanted to do? And when will you do it?


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