How coaching can help you - Feedback from recent workshops and seminars

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Clare Whitston, Commissioning Editor, Publisher

Thank you Anna, for an inspiring seminar. Taking control of my career felt overwhelming and I wasn't sure where to start but Anna helped me to find focus and break the big changes into small, manageable tasks. I came away from the session feeling excited about change, rather than scared of the unknown, and feel confident about taking the next step to achieving the future I want. 

Iris Kuempflein, Process Engineer, Manufacturing
Thank you Anna, for giving me a focus point in my busy life so I can get things done. - Total Focus Workshop
Tatiana Rivera Ramirez, Dentist

The workshop was delivered in an organic way, first of all allowing me to understand my mental barriers and reasons for procrastination. I was then able to develop strategies for achieving my goals in a comfortable environment. - Total Focus Workshop

Katrina Necaise

This session confirmed my suspicions about why I procrastinated and inspired me to work on overcoming those struggles

Karen Sevilla

This session taught me the steps I need to take to successfully achieve my goals. 

Rosie Jacobs

Useful insights into activity and paths away from procrastination. - "How to beat procrastination"

Dara Walsh

I found the breakdown of goals and the failure cycle very helpful. - "How to beat procrastination"

Zoe Lilly

The talk was very valuable and systematically explained. - "How to beat procrastination"

Chris Flowers

Many new topics I have not considered. I liked the visualisations.